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About Traci Law

Traci Law is a native of Utah and a Christian singer-songwriter who has been singing for her whole life and crafting music since her teenage years. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in music from Utah State University, Traci channels life's experiences into creating beautiful, spiritual melodies. Her commitment to music extends beyond personal expression. 


Traci has submitted numerous songs to the Church Music Submissions, earning awards for her contributions. Notably, her Christmas lullaby, "Little Baby," which won the Award of Distinction in 2007 in the Church Music Submission and was featured in the New Era Magazine in 2008, showcasing her talent. In addition to her musical pursuits, Traci serves as an Assistant Director of the Utah Valley Children's Choir, contributing to the development of young voices.


With a family of five children and a deep connection to her best friend and husband, Ryan, Traci finds inspiration for her work in the experiences of motherhood.


Away from the music scene, Traci nurtures her spiritual connection through nature, frequently taking walks on the river trail. A passionate explorer of healthy living, she delights in discovering and creating wholesome new things.

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