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This piano solo captures the essence of the well-loved hymn, allowing you to feel the soothing rocking in the rhythm as you play. Whether you are playing for personal reflection or performing for others, this arrangement will bring a sense of peace and comfort. Perfect for any pianist looking to add a timeless and spiritual piece to their repertoire. Add "Rock of Ages" to your music collection today and experience the calming presence of this beloved hymn.

Rock of Ages

  • When you buy this sheet music, you'll get one download delivered to your email. You have permission to make 2 copies, one for you and one for your accompanist.

    If you need multiple copies, purchase the sheet music download first, then add extra copies here.

    Paying for the copies you need ensures you can make them legally without violating my copyright.

  • You can listen to an audio file of this piece on our playlist

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